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Making of a King II

Carter’s Hideout

When it gets tough out there...hide here with me.

“Who are you and how did you get in here?”

“Through the door, you saw me.  I opened it and walked in, you looked up as I closed the door.  As for who I am, who do you think I am?”

“How did you get past everyone, my security, my secretary?”

“They are all asleep right now, they will wake when I leave.  They will have no memory of my visit.  The cameras have all stopped recording.

“You seem frightened my son, does my appearance not bring you a sense of calm?”

“Who are you?”

“Who do I look like?”

“You are dressed as a mullah of the Shiite sect, yet you look Caucasian.”

“Would this form be more pleasing?”

The man in front of the commander in chief changed.  Literally, change, right before his eyes.  He now wore the robe of a peasant of the first century A.D.  And his facial feature had changed to those of Arabic descent.


“Yes my son.  I have been called by that name, along with others.”

“You’re telling me you are the son of God?”

“No, I’m acknowledging that I have been called Jesus, among other names.”

“Would Mohammed be one of those names?”

“No he was a man, just a plain ordinary man who lived a long time ago and somehow got it all wrong.”

“Then you are Allah?”

“I have been called by that name too.”

“That’s impossible.  You’re not God!”

“I never said I was God.”

“Then who are you?”

“I am just someone who, every once in awhile, appears to set some things straight.  Some wrong, some miscommunication, some idiot who would lead people astray.”

“So you are a god?”

“You could call me that if you wish.  If it will easy your mind, if it will allow you comfort.”

“I need none of those.”

“You will.”

“What do you mean, I will?”

“If I had a d…never mind…you, sir, have led my people astray.  You are currently taking them down a path of darkness and misery.  You are trying to take away their free will, their freedom of choice.  You, sir, are trying to pervert the most successful of my experiments on this earth.  And you need to stop, right now.  In fact you need to reverse a lot of what you and others have done.”

“This is bullshit, where are my Secret Service agents?”  The commander in chief frantically pressed the buttons on his phone.

“I told you, they are all asleep.  They will wake when I leave.  Whether you are with me when I leave is up to you.”


“You will either promise me, which by the way is totally binding, to change things around here or you will be leaving with me.”

“You’re going to kill me?”

“No one said anything about killing.”

“But if you take me with you won’t I be dead?”

“No.  Why do you all assume that you have to die to come with me?  That idiot Kim thought the same thing just last week.”

“Kim Jong Il?  You took Kim Jong Il?”

“Yes, I did.  He wanted to rule forever so I took him somewhere he could do that…Hell.”

“Oh those poor souls.”

“No you misunderstand, he is there alone.  He rules over an empty domain.”

“What about all those souls, people who don’t deserve to go to heaven?”

“What are you talking about?  When you die there is nothing but darkness.  When you die there are no heaven or hell, there is just an infinite void.  A void that is neither pleasant nor unpleasant, it is just there.  You are a light in that void, an infinite void filled with billions upon billions of lights.  As a light in this void you will live for billions of years, you will feel nothing except the desire to shine, a desire to shine upon planets such as yours, shine to warm and help those, who someday will become just like you.”

“This is a load of crap you are feeding me, isn’t it?  Who put you up to this?  How in the hell did you get in here?”

“I told you, I walked in the door.  That one right over there,” the strange man said as he pointed at the door.

“I know, I know.  How did you get in the White House?”

“Oh, I descended through the roof just outside the door and opened it to enter.  Of course I put everyone to sleep before I came.”

The commander in chief flopped down in his chair putting his right hand to his head.  He shook his head in exasperation, mumbling to himself about lax security and the general stupidity of his staff, freeloaders all of them.

“What do you mean, my polices, are going to bring the people of the country darkness and misery?”

“If you continue down the road you are traveling the country will be torn asunder by civil war.  Families will be torn a part, brothers and sisters will be fighting each other.  The country will plunge into a time of darkness, only to be overwhelmed by outside influence and become just another pawn to some other country.

“Socialistic policies are not the answer, neither are fascist policies.  The country will keep demanding its freedom back, the people will rise up, march on Washington and take back their freedom.  In the short term they will gain it but, very soon after that anarchy will rein.  Other countries will step in to maintain order and then wage a war for domination of the U.S.  Millions of lives will be lost, millions of American lives.

“But if you undo things, America will be at peace for hundreds of years to come, not only peace but prosperity beyond comprehension, not just for a few but, for everyone.  And this can only be achieved by turning away from big government.  Let people find out for themselves how to manage their lives.  If they fail there will always be those charities that will help them, the government does not have to be their safety net and shouldn’t interfere with their private lives.

“If a business fails due to mismanagement, let it fail.  If the stockholders were better educated they would see what needs to be done.  The “I want it now!” crowd needs to be shown that they can’t have it now.  If they want it, they have to work for it, not have it handed to them by the government.

“I’m tired of talking now, ask your questions, I might answer them.”

The President was dumbfounded.  He had never heard such utter nonsense.  The only thing more shocking was the absolute certainty with which the story was told.  He actually believed him about the anarchy and war.  Without a strong government there would be anarchy.

“How do you know what is going to happen?”

“You said it yourself, I’m a god.”

“So you admit that you are God?”

“Let’s not start that again.  I know because, not only am I smarter than you, but I can see the future, really see it and it’s looking bad right now.  Also, I may not be a god, your God, but I am so technologically advanced that I might as well be a god.  As a matter of fact a god wouldn’t stand a chance against me.”

“So there are, is, such a thing as God?”

“Yes there are things, beings, that would be called gods.  Is there a ‘the God’, probably not, at least nobody has come forward to claim the title.  Now back to the real problem, you and your meddlesome government.”

“You know I have about had it with you…get out, leave me to decide what is good for the nation and its people.  You don’t even live here.”

“Sure I do.  I live in a nice hotel in southern Texas.  And what you do to this country affects me and mine.  And I can leave but you would be coming with me and spend the rest of eternity in hell under Kim’s rule.”

The President was stunned.  A good two hours had gone by since this man, god?, had walked in his office.  No one had shown up to see where he was.  Was he all right?  Was he even still in his office?  Come to think of it, the phone hadn’t even rung.  Getting up, the President came around his desk and walked to the door the man had entered from.  He threw it open and was amazed at what he saw.  His staff.  They were there but, it looked as if they were all frozen.  Frozen in time.

“You said they were asleep.”

“For all intents and purposes they are.  They will never remember or even know about my visit.  Go look out the window you will see that everything is stopped.  Everything, that is except you and me.”

The President stepped to the window as asked and looked out.  There he saw is wife and children playing with the dog.  The dog was suspended in midair having jumped for a ball.  Nothing moved.

“How much time has pasted for them?”


“I see.  So where is this Hell you speak of?”

“Not far from here, just a step through a doorway and your there.  So I take it you will not be changing the way things are done around here?

“No, I’m afraid not.  I mean I couldn’t in good faith do that.”

“Afraid of what the unions will do to your family and you?”

“Yes.  Partly.  But there are other reasons.”

“The promises you made to, shall we say, certain individuals of the Chicago persuasion?”

“Um…I’m not at liberty to say.”

“No need.  I know everything.  Your family will be looked after, I’ll see to it personally.”

“Thank you for that at least.  I guess I’m ready to go then.”

“Kim will enjoy the company, I’m sure.  It’s only been a couple of days and he’s already about to go around the bend.”

The man took the Presidents hand, reached into thin air and pulled on something.  A door appeared leading into a long black corridor.  At the end of the corridor was a light.  They walked down the corridor towards the light.  It was a long walk and as the light grew in intensity and size the President grew hesitant.

“Changing your mind?”

“Maybe.  Maybe.  I was just wondering if there is a way to protect my family and do the things you want me to do.”

“There maybe but, I can not help you with that.”

“Oh.  Never mind then.”

The President continued on toward the light.  The strange man caught up with him and walked beside him.  They walked awhile longer, not really seeming to get any closer to the light.  The President stopped again.

“So there is really no way you could help me do the things you want done?  Even if I gave you a post, like say, the head of the FBI?”

“Now why would I want to be the head of the FBI?”

“I just thought…”

“You could bribe me, I know.  I told you, I know everything.”

“How about you take my place and my wife and the kids and I hold up in some remote part of the country?”

“Like Alaska, you want to live in Wasilla?”

“Hell no!”

“Who,” a great booming voice rattled the corridor, “takes my domains name in vain?”

“Crap he can hear us?”

“Only because you used the ‘word’.”

“Oh.  I’m sorry.”

“No problem.  You were saying about me taking your place, that’s what I am going to do after I deliver you to hell.”

“Oh.  How come Kim didn’t call you on the use of the ‘word’?”

“He can’t hear me.  He can’t hear you either, now.”

“I see, so you’re not infallible?”

“Never said I was, you just assumed I was.  But I am right, all the time.  I just forget little things once in awhile.”

“So you’re going to replace me as me, I assume?”

“Yes.  Does you wife love you?”

“Of course why do you ask?”

“Because she needs to change some.”

“Wait, you’ll be me, so that means that you will be sle…”

“Yes. I will and I shudder at the thought.”

“Why because she’s black?”

“What is it with people, what makes you thing I don’t find black women unattractive?”

“Forget it.  Just don’t hurt her?”

“Oh that’s the last thing on my mind.  She just needs a little attitude adjustment.  Her thinking processes need a little straightening out.  ‘Whitey is not the enemy.’”

“Then who is?”

“You shook his hand and bowed before him as you told him you were sorry.”

“I did no such thing.”

“It was a bow and you know it.  And you did too say you’re sorry.”

“Fine, let’s go.”

The President started walking again this time they were at the door way in next to no time.  He turned to the strange man and found he was looking at himself.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Well I may see you again or I might not.  There are two ways this could play out.  The first way is you live through the changes I’m going to make.  The other way is you don’t.  If you live you can come back but by then you will no longer be President nor will you be able to hold office in any place in the country.  If you die then you will have to stay here.”

“How are you going to determine which way…you know everything?”

“Right, but sometimes not until it’s just about to happen.  So, I will be rooting for you to live but, it all depends on how good you’re Secret Service guys are.”

“I see.  Well good luck.”

“You too.  Remember, he can’t kill you and you can’t kill him.  You two can hurt each other but it will heal within seconds.  And you eventually have to do as he says because he is the ruler of Hell.”

“That’s good to know.  Good-bye for now,” the President said as he turned and stepped through the doorway.  “Kim you old commie pig, get your ass out here.”

“Are you,” Kim shouted with glee as he ran out from behind a couch, “my replacement?”

“No, I’m not your replacement.  Where you notified of a replacement?”

“No. Shit!”  Obama walked up to him and hit him so hard he flew across the room.  He landed in a heap against the far wall.  He was so happy that he laughed the whole way.  At least he had someone to talk to now.

* * * *

The doppelganger President turned and stepped through the door that appeared behind him.  He stood at the window watching the kids play with the dog as their mother watched.  The sound of the door opening caused him to turn.  The Secretary of Defense walked in with the daily security briefing in his hand.  Things were about to get dicey.  Big change was coming.  Change you could count on.  How big the people couldn’t comprehend.

The Making of a King II

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